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The two dogs responsible for mauling a lawyer in Karachi's Defence Housing Authority Phase VI locality recently will be 'put down', according to the compromise agreement reached between Humayun Khan and advocate Mirza Akhtar Ali.

Humayun's dogs attacked Mirza Akhtar when he was out on a morning walk in the quaint neighbourhood of Khyaban-e-Rahat.

A viral CCTV footage showed the two German Shepherds pounce on Mirza Akhtar and tackle him to the ground as he helplessly tried to defend himself. It was only when the son of the owner gave the command that the dogs moved away from the victim.

Mirza Akhtar "agreed for the sake of Allah [to] forgive Humayun Khan", states the agreement – dated July 6 – between the two parties.

"The two dogs involved in the incident will be euthanised/put down by a veterinarian immediately. Any other such dogs that Humayun Khan has, he shall give them away," one of the conditions for the compromise states.

The agreement between the two parties further states that Humayun will tender an "unconditional apology" to Mirza Akhtar for the "hurt and injury caused to him".

The dog owner will also have to register any other canines with the Clifton Cantonment Board (CBC) and not let out any other pet dog onto the street unless they are with a "properly trained handler", leashed and muzzled.

The final clause of the comprise agreement stated that Humayun will donate Rs1 million to ACF Animal Rescue – a local animal shelter.

A local court had earlier reserved the verdict over the bail plea of the dog owner. The case was registered at the Darakhshan police station and Humayun had acquired bail before arrest, while his employees were in police custody.


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