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A woman gave birth to a baby girl inside an ambulance while being shifted to a hospital near Hazara Motorway Shah Maqsood Interchange on Youm-e-Ashur at 3 pm.

Rescue 1122 spokesperson told The Express Tribune that because of Youm-e-Ashura, roads were completely blocked.

The family was on their way to Islamabad from Balakot, but near Haripur Hazara Motorway Shah Maqsood Interchange, the woman’s condition deteriorated. Therefore, they called Rescue 1122 medical team that reached the site with the medical team.

Considering the condition of the pregnant woman, the medical team delivered the baby in the ambulance with the woman’s husband, Tehseen.

Rescue 1122 Ambulance, also known as Mini Hospital, has all the equipment to deal with all kinds of emergencies. The female staff in the ambulance delivered the baby with the use of a professional delivery kit.

Later, the mother and the child were shifted to a hospital for further treatment. Both of them are in good health.

Rescue 1122 Haripur Spokesperson Faraz Bilal Siddiqui said that to deal with emergencies, District Emergency Officer Haripur Sharq Riaz Khattak has provided delivery kits in all ambulances of Haripur.

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