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A local fashion award show has been the talk of the town recently, with several people, celebrities included, taking to social media to criticise the participants' poor fashion choices. While some celebrities have criticised the lack of style and originality, others took to Instagram to question the ‘revealing’ outfits. Among the attendees were Urwa Hocane, Maya Ali, Aima Baig, Alizeh Shah, Ahmed Ali Butt, Adnan Siddiqui and Ayesha Omar. 

Former actor Noor Bukhari took to Instagram to repost a picture of the celebs at the event, sarcastically writing, “Islamic Republic of Pakistan?” along with a clapping emoji to take a dig at the western style choices of the stars. 

In a similar vein, addressing the women present at the event, actor Bilal Qureshi wrote on his Instagram story, “Ladies, you all are beautiful and talented so trust me you don’t have to wear revealing dresses to look like a diva in any award show (with due respect).” 

Veteran actor Simi Raheal wrote in a post, “What’s with the dresses people? Please explain why it is important to dress like the western fashion world please explain! Do we have any cultural identity left? I can walk English, I can talk English but I can never be English! Being modern comes from the mind from education from being enlightened.”

She went on to single out certain celebs at the event, writing, “Note to Alizeh Shah, practice in heels not flats so you are comfortable during the performance! Note to Aima Baig, take dance classes and look interested. Resham is the ultimate diva learn from her!”

On the fashion front, the participants were criticized for their lack of originality by a host of celebs on Instagram. Actor Faizan Sheikh took to his story to write, “Not one stand out style… we need to learn big time. Style doesn’t mean expensive clothes. Style doesn’t mean skinshow. Style doesn’t mean go crazy with it. You can make a style statement even with something very simple yet very classy!”

Iffat Omar openly criticized the style at the event, sharing a post reading, “RIP fashion sense in Pakistan.” She wrote in the caption, “Sad but true. It was the death of fashion. Television actor Nazish Jahangir shared the same post, writing in the caption, “Afsoos #pakistanmediaindustry”.

Alyzeh Gabol took a dig at the participants by writing on her story, “Looks like it’s Halloween all over again. Oh God, my eyes.”

VJ Mathira, on the other hand, had a message of peace and love. She wrote, “Why are people bashing people’s style statement? Let the women dress how they want. That’s her body her choice she should feel happy with what she wears and that’s what matters! People are sitting at home posting and cursing people for what they wear please wear your own skin and be comfortable in your own skin and try not to get under other people’s skin! Live and let love. Women have the right to wear what makes them feel beautiful."

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