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A day after the ruling party basked in the glory of its success, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari claimed that the people were not satisfied with the three-year performance of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“PTI had promised to provide houses and jobs to the people, but instead, jobs and houses were snatched from people. They even tried to take away Chief Justice of Sindh’s employment,” he said while addressing a press conference in Thatta. The PPP chief was in the city to offer condolences to Sindh Assembly member Muhammad Ali Malikani on the death of his mother.

“I am going to reveal puppet Prime Minister Imran Khan’s performance to the people and ask them how they spent three years under the selected PM,” Bilawal said.

Taking a jibe at the PTI’s promises, he alleged that the government instead of providing jobs and housing demolished homes in the name of encroachment. The PTI-IMF deal has benefited the rich and harmed the poor, the PPP leader claimed.

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He also spoke about the prevailing situation in Afghanistan and condemning the terrorist incidents in Kabul.

“Neither the people of Afghanistan nor the people of Pakistan want such terrorism,” he said, “Together, we must not allow anyone to use the territory of both countries against anyone. The border has been fenced, and we hope that our borders will be protected.”

Bilawal emphasised that the situation in Afghanistan was bound to have an impact on Pakistan as well.

He stressed that the issue was important not because of the US or Afghanistan but because the government wanted to protect its citizens and ensure no extremists harm them.

“The government should review the security situation of the country,” he said, “The National Security Plan has not been implemented yet even though the nation is in dire need of it.”

He added that CPEC’s security also needed to be reviewed since it was an asset to Pakistan’s economy, and the country’s enemies would try to target it. “China’s objections regarding the recent terrorist incidents must be removed,” Bilawal said.

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To a question, the PPP chairman said that Afghan citizens coming from Afghanistan would stay in the city for a short period and then move to the US.

When asked about water scarcity in Sindh, PPP Chairman Bilawal alleged that the role played by IRSA during the incumbent government’s rule has been oppressive.

Despite objections of the three provinces, he added the TP link canal was opened, and it remained open. “This government is harming the federation, and IRSA must make its decisions impartially,” he added.

To another query, he said that public service commissions were set up all over the country, but the Sindh Public Commission has been kept closed.

“In the current economic climate, such decisions raise questions about our federation, democracy, and the judiciary. We will protest in front of parliament and the people,” he said.

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