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A web series about teenagers in Islamabad has been making rounds on social media. Since its release, Midsummer Chaos managed to grab eyeballs one way or another. The Ahmed Sarym directorial became the butt of jokes and memes when many ridiculed the show for its ' over-the-top acting'. 

However, some came to its defense, including actor Ushna Shah. Taking to Twitter, the Balaa star penned, "I haven’t seen it yet. would like for people to have context: it is made by a teenager, about teenagers, for teenagers. It’s a kid’s first passion project and he is inspired by the world he grew up in. We should applaud him for chasing his dream!"

She further added, "What were WE doing at his age? This kid was a journalist at the age of 13 and is now directing. In my opinion, this is excellent parenting!"

Talking about Sarym, Shah commented, "Keep going Ahmed and don’t let anyone break your spirit, I see a VERY bright future ahead of you, Insha Allah."

Earlier, speaking to The Express Tribune, the makers of Midsummer Chaos addressed criticism. While he agrees that there is room for improvement in his series, Sarym is against the bullying that is coming his way, followed by the critique of a show which has not even released in its entirety and stars ‘non-actors’, ‘kids’ like himself who are just starting out.

“I really have a problem with the whole series being judged after two episodes. I’ve read such prestigious publications, offering their reviews at this stage. I’ve practiced journalism for a while too and I don’t think there’s any journalistic integrity in passing judgments on something without even watching its conclusion,” said the 18-year-old filmmaker.

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