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Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi expressed concerns on Tuesday over the involvement of anti-state agencies behind the Johar Town blast and sought an international probe by anti-terror financing investigation agencies in this regard.

In a statement today, the minister urged the agencies - such as the Financial Action Task Force - to conduct a comprehensive inquiry to expose elements involved in financing terror operations in Pakistan.

On Monday, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar revealed that “an intelligence agency of an enemy country” was “directly involved” in last week’s blast in Lahore and that all the alleged culprits behind the bombing as well as their facilitators had been apprehended.

Qureshi felicitated law enforcement agencies for exposing those responsible for destabilising Pakistan.

He commended intelligence agencies, Punjab's counter-terrorism department and police for conducting a scientific and prompt probe into the incident.

The minister expressed concerns that some elements in Afghanistan were playing the role of spoilers and wanted to sow instability in Pakistan.

He added that Pakistan had rendered unprecedented sacrifices against terrorism and had set a direction for the future.

Qureshi further said that a meeting on national security will be held on Thursday, which will be attended by members of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security.

The meeting is aimed at briefing the participants about the situation in Afghanistan and the region, he added.

"Pakistan desires peace and stability in Afghanistan and Islamabad is playing its conciliatory role in the the process".

Concluding, the minister reiterated that Pakistan had been acting diligently to stop money laundering and terror financing.

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