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There has been a widespread debate over PM Imran Khan's comments on rape and women's clothing. The premier received ample support and criticism for his take on the rise in rape cases in the country. While many, among celebs, shared their reservations about the PM's stance on the matter, some went on to justify his remarks with rather bizarre analogies.

Recently, a clip of a local news reporter went viral on Twitter where he compared women to candy. Yes, candy. Holding a toffee in his hand, the reporter shared, "This toffee is covered. It's wrapped. If I unwrap this candy right here, it's now uncovered. This other toffee, however, is 'covered.' Now, you tell me honestly, if I leave this unwrapped toffee on the road, would anyone eat this toffee? No one would eat it."

The man went on to reason his opinion with how this unwrapped toffee would attract 'undetectable viruses' and bacteria. "You can't have this toffee now. Whoever has this toffee now, would fall sick. However, this other toffee [which is wrapped], anyone can have it because the toffee has protected itself," he continued.

"Therefore, when PM Imran shared that if women wore revealing clothes, the chances of her getting sexually abused are greater. She would be more vulnerable. She wouldn't be able to protect herself."

As the clip went viral, Pakistanis called out the reporter over his ridiculous analogy.

Back in January, a tweet blew up on the bird app after a user compared women who take hijab and the ones who didn't to peeled/unpeeled oranges. A user shared how women who cover up would 'not drown' while the ones who didn't take hijab would. In the aforementioned rather bizarre analogy, the user's take got the Twitterati talking. 

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