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DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat tweeted on Sunday that due action will be taken against the 'violators', 'people responsible' for a concert that happened in Islamabad over the weekend. 

Pakistan is standing on the verge of disaster as the country finds itself struggling to combat the ongoing fourth wave of Covid-19. The country's largest city, Karachi, has been reporting multiple cases of the novel coronavirus along with its delta variant. Over the last week, daily cases have risen to more than 5000. 

Amid the fourth wave, as Sindh goes into complete lockdown this week, the federal capital saw a huge crowd grooving to the aspiring artist Hasan Raheem on Saturday night. The concert, that happened in Islamabad, became the talk of the town as many lashed out at the artist, organisers and the attendees for being reckless and not adhering to the SOPs. 

Several pictures and videos from the event went viral on social media, Twitter was livid over the poor timing of the concert. 

"The delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and some influencers attended a concert by Hasan Raheem in Islamabad? I can't stop thinking about the pregnant woman who lost her life due to covid and people are literally out there treating it like a joke!" a user shared. 

"Not Hasan Raheem having a concert in the middle of a pandemic that's literally getting worse with Pakistan being forecasted as one of the hardest-hit countries in the coming months by Covid. I know everyone wants a pick me up so they'll justify this, but u really can't," penned another tweep. 

"With the delta variant and epsilon hyping up covid's 4th wave, who the friggin hell allowed Hasan Raheem to have a concert?" said one more. 

Pakistan's tally for confirmed coronavirus cases soar to 1,039,695 after 4,858 more cases were recorded overnight. Moreover, the death toll reached 23,462 after 40 additional fatalities were also reported with a day. A total of 1,361 recoveries were also recorded in 24 hours, taking the tally for recoveries to 943,020.

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