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A British woman who was saved by her twin sister when a crocodile attacked her now has sepsis from her wounds.

Melissa and Georgia Laurie, 28, were swimming in a lagoon near Puerto Escondido, Mexico, when Melissa was dragged underwater by the reptile.

Georgia punched the crocodile and saved her sister, who is now in a medically-induced coma in hospital.

But their older sister says Melissa's situation is "still really serious" and "we're not relaxing just yet".

Hana Laurie told BBC Breakfast that bite wounds to Melissa's stomach and legs had become infected.

"She has now developed sepsis," she added.

Crocodiles try to drown their prey so Melissa also had "a lot of water and grass and things in her lungs," Hana said.

'Badass' Brit saves twin by punching croc in the face
Melissa and Georgia Laurie
image captionHana describes her sisters as "keen travellers"
Hana previously told Newsbeat that the twins had been swimming in a lagoon on Sunday when the crocodile grabbed Melissa and she disappeared under the water.

"Georgia found her unresponsive and started to drag her back to the safety of a boat," said Hana, 33.

"The crocodile kept coming back for more - so she just started hitting it. She'd heard that with with some animals, that's what you've got to do."

Hana says Melissa was thrown about like a "rag doll" by the reptile.

"Luckily, her super-badass twin sister was there to punch it repeatedly - as it came back about three times - to try and save her."

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Hana says she super proud of her "feisty" sister Georgia, who has now been released from hospital and has visited Melissa.

Georgia is doing "much better" but is "really frightened", Hana told Breakfast.

The twins, from Berkshire, had been in Mexico to volunteer, work in animal sanctuaries and travel.

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