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Indonesian Consul-General in Karachi Dr June Kuncoro Hadiningrat has encouraged local journalists to cover stories about the Republic of Indonesia, especially those regarding the friendship between the two countries and potential investment opportunities.

At an event held on Saturday in connection with the independence of both the countries this month - on August 14, 1947 for Pakistan and August 17, 1945 for Indonesia - the consul-general hosted senior journalists from different media houses in Karachi.

"I would like to extend my gratitude for your efforts in covering various news about Indonesia in local media. Through you, the Pakistani public are aware about what's happening in Indonesia. I really hope that in the future, we can see more good news about Indonesia in Pakistani newspapers, television, radio and digital media," said Dr Hadiningrat. He encouraged stories regarding potential for trade, investment and tourism in the two countries.

Speaking on the long-standing friendship between the two countries, the consul-general announced that the Indonesian Consulate in Karachi will be launching the first Indonesia-Pakistan Youth Forum to foster people-to-people relations between youngsters of both countries.

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The forum will be focused on culture, education, tourism and exchange programmes, according to his office.

Dr Hadiningrat emphasised that August was an important month for both the countries, which had shared friendly relations even before they gained independence. He recalled that the British had sent some 600 soldiers from the Indian subcontinent to fight the campaign against colonial powers in Indonesia. However, upon arriving, these soldiers decided to instead join hands with Indonesia and refused to fight fellow Muslim brothers, said the consul-general, adding that some of those soldiers later returned to Pakistan during a repatriation programme in 1953 and served with the Indonesian consulate - embassy back then.

Similarly, he added, Indonesia also assisted Pakistan with military support during the latter's war with India in 1965.

Officials of the Indonesian Consul General in Karachi, journalists and other dignatories attended the event.

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