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A Welsh Conservative politician faces being suspended from Parliament for six weeks after an independent panel found he breached Parliament's sexual misconduct policy.

Delyn MP Rob Roberts appealed against the sanction, but his appeal was rejected on 17 May.

MPs must now decide if they will back the sanction recommended by the independent panel.

Mr Roberts has been asked to comment.

The sanction comes after the Conservative Party closed its investigation into the MP saying he had been "rebuked" but would remain a Tory member of Parliament

It is one of the first cases to be judged by the panel appointed to look at bullying and harassment cases last November.

In June 2020 MPs voted in favour of forming this independent panel of experts to deal with bullying and harassment allegations against them.

The panel is entirely independent of MPs and sanctions decided by the panel can include the suspension or expulsion of an MP - which then require a vote in Parliament - as well as less severe sanctions that can be imposed directly by the panel.

If an MP is suspended for at least 10 sitting days by Parliament's Standards Committee this triggers a recall petition - which can lead to a by-election if it gains enough signatures.

However, sanctions imposed by this Independent Expert Panel, which judges more serious sexual harassment and bullying cases against MPs, do not automatically trigger the Recall of MPs Act 2015.

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