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A Gujranwala YouTuber has been arrested after a video of him harassing women went viral on social media. Khan Ali, who has over 323,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, was arrested by the city police after a clip from one of his 'prank' videos made rounds on Twitter. 

In the aforementioned clip, Ali can be seen asking random women on the road to take dupatta, as he continues to harass them. One of the users, Sadaf Alvi, tagged Amna Baig, Sub Divisional Police Officer in Islamabad to take due action against the YouTuber. It was then highlighted that Ali has been taken behind bars by CPO Gujranwala. 

The prank video has over 9 million views on YouTube. "This man has been harassing Pakistani women on roads and public places, for not wearing a headscarf. He has been doing it for months and then he posts their videos on the internet without their knowledge or consent. He is doing this to enforce Islam," Alvi pointed out.

She added, "His videos of harassing women have been on the internet for months but this person is still free to harass more women and post their videos on the internet. Is this not a crime? Who will identify him and arrest him and protect Pakistani women?"

COP Gujranwala shared the news of Ali's arrest on Twitter. 

It's about time we hold YouTubers and vloggers accountable for resorting to despicable tactics to garner views. 

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