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A woman who lost her job after saying that people cannot change their biological sex has won an appeal against an employment tribunal.

Maya Forstater, 47, did not have her contract renewed after posting tweets on gender recognition.

She lost her original case in 2019, with the judge at that point saying that her approach was "not worthy of respect in a democratic society".

An appeal found the tribunal had erred in law and another should take place.

Ms Forstater did not have her contract renewed at the think tank Center for Global Development (CDG) after posting a series of tweets questioning government plans to let people declare their own gender.

She believes trans women holding certificates that recognise their transgender identity cannot describe themselves as women.

In the initial tribunal employment judge James Tayler concluded that Ms Forstater was "absolutist" in her view and said she was not entitled to ignore the rights of a transgender person and the "enormous pain that can be caused by misgendering".

But the Honourable Mr Justice Choudhury said her belief did fall under the Equalities Act.

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