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Pakistan yet again was denied permission to speak at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) session on Afghanistan as the situation remained fluid in the war-torn country after the Taliban seized Kabul.

“It is unfortunate that #Pakistan was denied the opportunity to speak at today’s UNSC meeting on Afghanistan once again. After Afghanistan, it is undeniably Pakistan that has been a victim of decades of this conflict,” Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said in a tweet on Monday.

He lashed out at India, which assumed the presidency of the UNSC for the month of August, saying its “partisan and obstructionist actions” to politicise the multilateral forum exposed its intention for Afghanistan and the region.

“At this critical juncture in the destiny of Afghanistan, India’s partisan & obstructionist actions, repeatedly politicising this multilateral platform who’s raison dêtre is peace, speaks volumes of their intention for Afghanistan & the region.”

Earlier this month, the UNSC president did not accept Pakistan’s request to participate in the UNSC session on Afghanistan, prompting the Foreign Office and Pakistan’s permanent ambassador to the UN to issue strong statements.

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In another tweet, FM Qureshi said Pakistan continued to demonstrate a constructive role in Afghanistan including facilitating the peace process that is Afghan-led and owned among many economic and humanitarian efforts.

“Our mission in Kabul is working tirelessly to issue visas, to evacuate diplomats, NGO workers and media personnel."

He went on to say that “Pakistan cannot stress enough the importance of the international community to remain engaged and involved in Afghanistan in a constructive manner”.

Earlier in the day, Pakistan's civil and military leaders reiterated that Islamabad remained committed to an inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan as the way forward representing all Afghan ethnic groups.

The hurriedly called session of the high-powered National Security Committee (NSC) emphasised that the world must recognise the sacrifices made by Pakistan over four decades.

The NSC noted that Pakistan was a victim of the decades-long conflict in Afghanistan and therefore desired peace and stability in the neighbourhood.

It was reaffirmed that Pakistan would continue to work with the international community and all Afghan stakeholders to facilitate an inclusive political settlement in the country. It was stressed that the principle of non-interference in Afghanistan must be adhered to.

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