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Photos believed to show the 1948 London Olympics have been found among thousands of items given to a charity.

Agi Ch was "amazed" to find the 73-year-old images in Birmingham after scanning negatives donated to the Disabled Photographers' Society (DPS).

Ms Ch, its exhibition secretary, said the film roll included family snaps and represented "special memories".

She hopes the images will be recognised by family members or can be preserved in a collection.

Ms Ch, a fine arts photographer, believes the pictures of the post-war Olympics were taken by a spectator in the crowd at Wembley stadium.

Athletes at the London Olympics in 1948
image captionMs Chi said the images were a "fascinating find" and were probably taken by a spectator enjoying a special day out
Athletes at the London Olympics in 1948
image captionThe 1948 Olympics were staged mainly around Wembley Stadium
London hosted the huge sporting occasion still suffering from the aftermath of World War Two, which had left many people in London homeless, and with rationing still in place. The event became known as the Austerity Games.

"All the bars and the massive stadium and all the people - it must have been wonderful bringing everyone together three years after the war," Ms Ch said.

However, the film roll also contained some personal family photos.

Ms Ch said the cost of developing film at the time meant pictures were generally only taken at special moments.

Photo from the 1940s
image captionThe camera also captured photos of family or friends
Family photo from the 1940s
image captionChildren on swings were among the images which may also be in someone's home
She recently scanned the camera film which she found at the charity's stand at the Photography Show at Birmingham's NEC in March 2019.

Ms Ch said she believed the film was among camera equipment found in an attic clear-out, but had been put on one side to be disposed of.

"For me, I'm very sentimental and I thought it was sad to discard the images," she said. "I wanted to care for them and the other negatives. I feel obliged to take care of them.

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