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The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is considering to organise rallies and meetings for party President Shehbaz Sharif to restore his image as the top boss in the party, a source close to Shehbaz revealed.

The source told The Express Tribune that more than 80% party leaders and parliamentarians were with Shehbaz and his version of the party’s narrative.

He said that since it was known in the party that Shehbaz would not go against his elder brother Nawaz Sharif come-what-may, even those 80% leaders were publicly quiet.

Internally it was a different story, he claimed, adding that some in the party were trying to exploit Shehbaz’s position and were seen conspiring against him.

He said even Shehbaz knows what was going on in the party, however, since he fears that speaking against those certain individuals might be viewed as a revolt against his brother so he was just keeping his silence.

He said that these leaders, alluding to Shahid Khaqan Abbassi, have openly talked against Shehbaz’s line of policy and have even cautioned the party president to abstain from giving statements that later become hard to explain in the media.

He said that from statements of party leaders to missing out on the election campaigning of Kashmir, all are being seen as an erosion of his party control.

He said to do away with his image of ceremonial president, the party leaders working with him, have proposed to organise district and division-wise visits and meetings with party workers and parliamentarians.

He said lunch or dinner, with a large number of parliamentarians in attendance, was also on the cards, adding that it was also planned for him to attend rallies in different districts.

He added that the exercise might start from southern Punjab, adding that all these plans were yet under consideration and were expected to be accorded approval soon.

He said that other than his command of the party, another important element was to show within the party that everything was under control and that they still have a bright chance of making a government next time around.

He said that the impression among the leaders that the party was not in the running for the government, would badly damage its popularity, adding that with general elections approaching fast, the party president has to act fast.

He said that Shehbaz, even when in command, would not corner Maryam Nawaz, adding that Maryam was a crowd-puller and her strength to galvanize voters would also pay off in the election, if it’s coupled with Shehbaz’s politician acumen and wisdom.

Both party spokespersons, central and provincial, were not available for comment.

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