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The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) on Thursday raised question over K-Electric’s (KE) request to raise the tariff and reserved decision after concluding the public hearing on the plea.
The hearing was presided over by Nepra Chairman Tauseef H Farooqi.

The KE in its petition had sought an increase of 55 paisa under monthly fuel adjustment for July and 71 paisa hike under quarterly adjustment.

Raising its objection, the national power regulator noted that the KE had ignored the economic merit order on some plants in July. It said plants having good reputation could not be run on full capacity.

The power regulator observed that the Korangi Combined Cycle Plant was run on high speed diesel instead of gas. If these issues are kept in view, the monthly adjustment of KE comes to only 4 paisa a month, Nepra said.

Read NEPRA reserves decision on tariff hike

The KE officials maintained that the power plants were run according to the economic merit order, adding that the plants were run on diesel due to the low pressure of gas.

They pointed out that an increase in the price of furnace oil and LNG caused a burden of Rs2.4 billion and that expensive oil had to be used to save the consumers from load shedding.

They said LNG was consumed more in July as compared to June.

The power regulator asked whose responsibility was it to look after the plant and fuel and concluded the hearing saying that it would give verdict after seeing the facts and figures of the KE.

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