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More than 2,500 women who were victims of the PIP breast implant scandal should receive compensation, a French appeal court has decided.

The women involved, including 540 Britons, say they are elated and exhausted after 10 years of fighting for justice.

The court also upheld an earlier judgement which found German company TUV Rheinland negligent.

It awarded safety certificates for the faulty implants.

The court decision could have far-reaching implications for thousands of other victims.

PIP breast implant scandal: Victims visited by bailiffs
PIP breast implants: 'serious lessons must be learned'
Jan Spivey, one of the women in the case, was given PIP implants after she had a mastectomy due to breast cancer.

After hearing the decision, she said she was "elated and exhausted".

"It's been a very long journey," she said.

"We've been in and out of court, and that's been really difficult for women. We've got health issues and we've got lots of other responsibilities too - PIP has had an impact on the whole of our lives.

"It's been an inescapable issue."

Jan developed aching joints, pain and fatigue after having the implants, and once they were removed it was clear they had been leaking silicone into her body.

Jan Spivey
image captionJan Spivey suffered years of health problems after having PIP breast implants
"My PIP implants from 20 years ago are still impacting on my life and my health and my wellbeing, even today," Jan said.

"I think I've been angry every single day for the 20 years I've been affected by PIP."

Another woman affected by the case, Nicola Mason - who had breast implants which then ruptured - said the court decision was "a victory, it's amazing".

"We've waited a long time for this," she told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4.

Nicola first found out about the rupture when she was pregnant, after noticing a large lump under her arm.

She said it was "quite traumatic and there was absolutely nothing I could do".

Eventually, the implants were removed but she says she has been left with a massive lump of silicone under her arm which still flares up.

"I don't think anyone knows the long-term effects," she says.

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