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Reiterating Pakistan's wish for a consensus-based government in Kabul, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry however underscored on Monday that Pakistan will not allow the effects of war in Afghanistan reach Pakistan if peace efforts did not work out.

The minister, in a tweet, stated that Pakistan had a keen eye on the changing situation in Afghanistan.

"We are keenly observing the changing situation in Afghanistan," the minister said on Twitter.

"Efforts are afoot to move forward through a peaceful and consensus-based government in Afghanistan," he added.

The minister maintained that, "But even if that doesn't happen, we won't let the effects reach Pakistan."

He added that that Pakistan's Afghan policy was based on Pakistan's own interests

Quoting Prime Minister Imran Khan, he added that the premier has stated that Pakistan will be a "part of peace but not war".

Fawad added that there was no interference from Pakistan in Afghanistan's affairs and there must not be any interference from the latter in Pakistan's affairs as well.

On June 27, Fawad said the government would never allow anyone to use Pakistani territory against Afghanistan, stressing that Islamabad wanted to see a stable government in Kabul.

“Peace inside Afghanistan is very important for Pakistan,” he said in a video message.

The minister talked about Pakistan-US relations especially in the context of the prevailing situation in Afghanistan.

He further said that the PM had clearly stated his views regarding relations with the US, China, and Afghanistan and expressed his desire for the stability of Afghanistan, vowing to help Kabul in achieving peace.

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