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Popular singer Asim Azhar has addressed the rumours about his alleged engagement to model Merub Ali. The Yaad crooner has clarified that the screenshots of his chat with a fan where he calls Merub his ‘sister’ are ‘fake’.

Several online blogs recently shared the ‘news’ of Asim and Merub’s ‘secret’ engagement. The portals claimed that Merub, being Asim’s family friend, also shared a photo with Asim’s mother to mark the arrangement – which she had not. Certain websites added that Asim and Merub have been engaged since months now and the two are tight-lipped about their affair to prevent controversies from surfacing.

Well, it seems a controversy has in fact, surfaced. But Asim has taken to his Twitter to silence the people creating it. However, fans are not satisfied with Asim’s explanation since he has not exactly snubbed engagement rumours but only rubbished the screenshot in which he categorically denies them and calls Merub his 'sister'.

“Dear fans, the screenshot floating around of my chat with a fan is FAKE. I request all to not spread it any further,” Asim tweeted. He added, “Also, any announcement regarding my life will be made from me directly to you like always. I love you guys, Asim.”

The doctored screenshot sees Asim’s alleged DM to a ‘fan’ in which he says, “Hi, please don’t post such things which can affect my family and friends. Whatever you are posting about me and Merub is not true. She is a really good family friend of mine and I consider her like my sister.” He allegedly goes on to add, “And I request you to please remove the post portraying wrong messages about me and Merub. Thank you to each and every one of you for supporting me throughout.”

Nevertheless, a fan commented on his Twitter thread saying, “Tell us about the engagement please, we don’t want to know about the screenshot. Say it is a lie!” Another chimed in, “Sir vacations chal rhi hain, we are bored. Please give us some good news quickly.”

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