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India's new coronavirus infections hit a record peak for a fifth day on Monday as infections in the past 24 hours rose to 352,991, with overcrowded hospitals in Delhi and elsewhere turning away patients after running out of supplies of medical oxygen and beds.

As the country continues to struggle with the surge in Covid-19 cases, Pakistanis stand with their neighbours as they lend support to Indians in these trying times. Following the reports and heart-wrenching footages that have surfaced over the past 48 hours, many from this side of the border have sent their prayers into their neighbours, keeping all differences aside. Many celebs, too, prayed for the country. 

But while praying for India, Feroze Khan doesn't want you to forget the plight of Kashmir. 

"I am sure it’s a tough time in India and I pray for humanity everywhere. But just imagine what Kashmir has been going through and why?" the Khuda and Mohabbat star wrote on Twitter. His opinion was met with some criticism as many thought it wasn't the apt time to have this take.

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