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India reported the world's highest daily tally of coronavirus cases for the second day on Friday, surpassing 330,000 new cases, as it struggles with a health system overwhelmed by patients and plagued by accidents. The surge in cases is being deemed a result of a virus variant and the Indian government allowing public gatherings to proceed unhindered.

Deaths in the past 24 hours also jumped to 2,263, the health ministry said, while officials across northern and western India, including the capital, New Delhi, warned most hospitals were at full capacity and running out of oxygen.

Following the reports and heart wrenching footages that surfaced about the same in the past 48 hours, many from this side of the border have sent their prayers to their neighbours, keeping all differences aside. Acknowledging their support, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut, who is not a fan of Pakistan to say the least, has commended Pakistan for worrying about its neighbours.

Seeing the Twitter trend #PakistanstandswithIndia with almost 52,000 tweets, Kangana wrote, “Heartwarming to see the top trend from Pakistan #PakistanstandswithIndia. #भारत_का_वीर_पुत्र_मोदी (brave son of India, Modi) provided the country with vaccine nice to see them appreciate his kindness and reciprocate with love, we too acknowledge their empathy in these testing times."

As of Saturday, the coronavirus death toll in India stood at 1,66,10,481 with 2,624 fatalities reported in 24 hours, out of which Maharashtra saw the maximum casualties (773) followed by Delhi with 348 daily deaths, reported the Hindustan Times.

People across the country are scrambling for life-saving oxygen supplies, while patients lay dying outside hospitals. There is a shortage of life-saving medicines and hospital beds too.

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