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Television actor Yashma Gill recently shared her two cents on sexual harassment and reinstated why it is not a phenomenon bound by gender.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Gill, who has previously raised awareness about mental health and animal rights, urged everyone to acknowledge that men are and can be victims of sexual violence too. “While boys and men are a large majority of perpetrators of violence, they are victims of violence too,” she wrote. The Qurbaan actor added, “Males are often bashed up, bullied and sexually assaulted.”

Previously, director Jamshed Mehmood’s (Jami’s) claims had opened the doors for a much needed conversation about rape and sexual harassment against men. Jami, on account of alleging a Pakistani media “giant” raped him, urged everyone to believe and support survivors of sexual violence. He also highlighted the problems in our heavily patriarchal society and how the general narrative around male abuse is very tightly controlled.

In Pakistan among several other countries, it is almost inconceivable that males can be sexually violated, despite the rising cases of sexual violence against young boys.

More recently, actor Azfar Rehman had admitted he was harassed by few a female co-stars, as he opened up about the casting couch in our entertainment industry. He later clarified that he was not ‘sexually’ harassed by female artists and not all harassment qualifies as sexual harassment. “The harassment I faced was all about power-play, clanning, humiliation and bullying. It had absolutely no sexual aspect,” he had said.

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