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Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi warned on Wednesday those violating party discipline, saying their basic membership may be affected if they continued to indulge in the practice.

"All members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) are bound to follow the discipline of the party," Qureshi said in a statement, released a day after estranged party leader Jahangir Tareen announced forming a group of like-minded group in the National and Punjab assemblies.

"Prime Minister Imran Khan invited those who expressed their reservations, listened to their concerns and assured them of delivering justice," he added.

He further stated that "No one can violate the party discipline over the vote of confidence and finance bill."

In a veiled reference to Tareen, the minister said that, "The premier had appointed Ali Zafar as the mediator on their request."

"They wanted a favourable individual named for the probe [into the actions carried out against them]."

"Ali Zafar hasn't yet submitted his report to the premier," he added.

Qureshi said, "If you approve of Imran Khan as your leader, then have faith in him," adding that, "If you don't have faith in him, you don't have the grounds to remain in the PTI."

He added that Imran Khan is the founding chairman of the PTI, "If it weren't for Imran Khan and his voters, these people wouldn't be in the assemblies in the first place."

The minister reiterated that, "Those approving of Imran Khan as their leader must agree to his decisions."

Earlier today, while speaking outside the court following his appearance in the money laundering case, Tareen said the like-minded group was formed in response to the Punjab government's retaliatory action.

"Prime Minister had promised to deliver justice but then Punjab government began retaliatory activities against us and pressurising us."

In this situation, he added, "We decided that we will raise our voice in the Punjab Assembly. The entire responsibility [of this development] lies on Punjab government."

"We have not formed a forward bloc; we have appointed a focal person to represent us in the assembly.

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