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Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood announced on Monday that students who choose to defer their upcoming Cambridge examination of May/June - due to the rise in pandemic - could switch to October/November cycle with the same fee paid earlier.

The minister also posted a supporting document provided by Cambridge Assessment International Education to answer different scenarios that facilities the students.

According to the document, in some syllabuses, candidates could take the component in a way that is easier to manage. For example, AS & A Level, Art & Design candidates can produce one piece of course work instead of three.

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It added that schools could apply for exemptions where they feel candidates were not able to complete the syllabus due to any reason

Candidates could choose not to take a component but can still receive an overall syllabus grade, the document stated.

"Students can receive a grade, when for any reason they miss some exams. Cambridge will give results to all students who have taken at least one component of a subject in May / June 2021 exam series," it added.

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